Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Featured Artist on ArtFire Hit Parade

This weeks featured artist in the ArtFire Guild " You Can Sell It" is the shop
"A Special Touch".

This is what the Artist has to say:

The place where greeting cards are handmade not massed produced. All cards are unique and made from the heart. Hi, my name is Angela Mazalic, owner of A Special Touch. I have been card making for a year now. But since I was a teenager I have been doing different types of crafts. I love making handmade items. When I give them to family or friends as a gift they love twice as much. I love giving cards to my friends and family for special occasions. Cards can cheer up your day and it gives you such a nice feeling that someone thought of you enough to give you a card. So thats why I decided to share my cards with you. So you can give these special handmade cards to someone special.

At A Special Touch if you see a card you like but need it for a different occasion please feel free to contact me. Want a unique handmade card but don't see exactly what you want? Please contact me with what you are looking for. I am always up for a challenge.

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VaBeachQuilter said...

Take a look tomorrow...I've given you an award. :O)